Six reasons to choose the IFBB Nordic Academy

Premier Education Grounded in Excellence

Our education is rooted in the most recent exercise science research and fortified by substantial practical coaching experience. Our educational materials are meticulously crafted by globally recognized fitness and bodybuilding experts and coaches, ensuring you receive the highest quality instruction. All these resources are readily accessible on our innovative learning platform.

Internationally Recognized Education Programs

Each of our educational courses boasts international certification, providing you with credentials recognized around the globe. Furthermore, the competency objectives of our programs are harmonized with the IFBB academies across various countries, ensuring a consistent standard of excellence.

Education leading to international excellence and professionalism
Our education pathway is designed to guide you towards international excellence, potentially opening doors to a new professional journey in the fitness industry. With the IFBB Nordic Academy, you're not just gaining an education - you're stepping into a world of opportunities!

Flexible Study Options Tailored to Your Schedule
With our fully digital blended learning environment, you have the freedom to study where, when, and how it suits you best. Once you've purchased your course (excluding pre-sales), it becomes immediately accessible on our e-learning platform. Feel free to pause your studies and resume at your convenience, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

State-of-the-Art Learning Platforms
We utilize the modern and continuously evolving Kajabi learning platform, conveniently accessible via your smartphone app. This allows you to view lectures on your phone, anytime, anywhere. Rest assured, the Kajabi learning platform is secure and user-friendly. Additionally, we incorporate other collaborative learning platforms into our training for a comprehensive learning experience.

Innovative Pedagogical Approaches

  1. Practical Application of Training: Our courses are designed to allow learners to apply their knowledge practically, enhancing their skillset through hands-on experience.

  2. Self-Assessment: We encourage learners to develop their skills through self-assessment, fostering a deeper understanding of the material and promoting self-growth.
  3. Collaborative Learning: We emphasize group learning and cooperative knowledge creation, taking into account individual learner needs and encouraging active participation and responsibility.
  4. Competency Development: We ensure the development of competencies through self-assessment by the trainees and various competency-assessment tasks, providing a well-rounded educational experience.