Become a Nutrition Pro with the IFBB Nordic Academy Advanced Nutrition Course.

Embark on a transformative journey towards nutritional mastery with the IFBB Nordic Academy. Our structured path guides you from registration to certification, beginning with your enrollment and leading through a series of live, interactive Nutrition Mastery Sessions. Engage deeply with pre-recorded lessons and practical tasks at your own pace, culminating in a comprehensive final exam. Each step is designed to deepen your understanding and application of advanced nutritional concepts, ensuring you emerge as a certified expert ready to impact fitness and bodybuilding significantly.

Join us to unlock your potential and elevate your career in nutrition.

The IFBB Nordic Academy is renowned for its specialized focus on the Nordic fitness sector. It tailors courses that resonate with the passions and goals of Nordic fitness aficionados, athletes, and trainers. While the IFBB certification is globally recognized, the curriculum is uniquely adapted to the regional demands and pedagogical aims of the Nordic region.

Launching in May 2024, the IFBB Nordic Academy's Advanced Nutrition Course is a testament to our commitment to academic excellence and practical application. This course is meticulously designed by our director, who brings esteemed academic qualifications and research experience in fitness and physique athletics. This ensures that the course aligns with the rigorous standards esteemed by the academic and fitness communities.

Flexible Learning Formats to Suit Your Lifestyle:

  • Online Learning Platform: Accessible through the IFBB Nordic Academy portal at https://education.ifbbacademynordic.fi/login
  • Live Online Modules: Three dynamic live online modules featuring three hours of evening lectures daily are scheduled for May 28-30, July 2-4, and August 20-22.

Graduates of this program will be awarded the prestigious IFBB Certified Advanced Nutrition certificate, which marks their expertise in nutrition within the fitness industry.

Redefining Nutrition Education Our Advanced Nutrition Course is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary program delivered live online. The course aims to surpass academic learning and practical application standards. Graduates will gain an IFBB international certification and a profound understanding that elevates their professional capabilities in the nutritional domain.

Value-Driven Pricing for Cutting-edge Knowledge: The IFBB Nordic Academy's dedication to evidence-based education is the cornerstone of our Advanced Nutrition Course. This dedication manifests in our extensive educational materials and the depth of study required. Throughout the course, encompassing approximately 108 academic hours (the equivalent of 4 ECTS), students will engage in an exhaustive exploration of advanced nutritional sciences, matched with the practical know-how to apply this knowledge effectively.

Three intensive live online modules, scheduled for May, July, and August, allow for direct engagement with the instructor and integrate the most current, research-backed nutritional insights. This interaction, combined with the vast array of course materials, justifies our pricing strategy, ensuring that our students receive a comprehensive and unparalleled education in fitness nutrition.

Embark on a journey this May 2024 with the IFBB Nordic Academy's Advanced Nutrition Course, where you gain the nutritional expertise to transform not just diets but also lives.