IFBB Nordic Academy Personal Trainer Course

The IFBB Nordic Academy provides exclusive Personal Trainer Online courses to fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts, competitors, and coaches from Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

Our next Personal Trainer course starts in Fall 2024!
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Here's a summary of what the course offers:

  1. Skill Development: The course is known for staying current with the latest scientific research in training and nutrition. By taking this course, you would have access to the most recent findings and be able to apply them to your nutrition and training plans​.

  2. Flexible Learning: The course utilizes a user-friendly e-learning platform that allows students to access the material conveniently from anywhere, integrating learning into their busy schedule​.

  3. Recognition: Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded the official IFBB Personal Trainer certificate. This prestigious certification is a testament to the student's dedication, expertise, and commitment to the highest standards in the fitness industry​.

  4. Networking Opportunities: Enrolling in an IFBB course may allow students to connect with other fitness professionals who are part of the program. This could lead to collaborations, knowledge sharing, and an expanded professional network​.

  5. Adaptability: Given the shift towards online training, the course equips students with the necessary knowledge to adapt their coaching methods to online platforms​.

  6. Expert Guidance: The course provides access to cutting-edge information and knowledge from leading professionals in the fitness industry. It covers designing, organizing, and supervising exercise programs based on the latest research and evidence-based practices​.

  7. Nutritional and Training Guidance Expertise: The course equips students with the knowledge and tools to confidently plan diets and exercise programs and provide nutritional advice tailored to each client's needs and goals​.

  8. Internationally Recognized Certification: The IFBB (International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation) is globally respected in the fitness industry. Therefore, obtaining a Personal Trainer certification from the IFBB Nordic Academy will enhance a student's professional credibility, boosting their career prospects, and opening doors to various employment opportunities within the fitness industry.