IFBB Nordic Academy

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What IFBB Nordic Academy provides to Nordic Coaches?

IFBB Nordic Academy will provide three things for Nordic Coaches:

1) We will organize an open Teams meeting for all Nordic fitness coaches for free four times a year.

2) At the end of the year, IFBB Nordic Academy will produce a paid, closed community forum for Nordic fitness coaches, where we will create coaching material and coaches can network and share their experiences and expertise.

3) IFBB Nordic Academy will organize the first onsite Fitness Coach Education Course here in Finland at the official Olympia training center in Pajulahti in Lahti. Look more from the Education services site.


We are IFBB Nordic Academy

The International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (IFBB) is an international fitness and bodybuilding sports organization founded in 1946 in Canada. It has 203 member countries, making it one of the largest sports organizations in the world. The IFBB complies with the WADA anti-doping program and it is a member of SportAccord, the umbrella organization for Olympic and non-Olympic sports federations. The IFBB is the only bodybuilding and fitness organization to conduct WADA-approved doping tests.

The IFBB Academy is an IFBB-led education organization that organizes and delivers fitness and bodybuilding education on five continents with the mission of integrating and developing evidence-based training and coaching methods worldwide. IFBB Academy's training is based on research and is recognized by several prestigious international education and coaching organizations.

The IFBB Nordic Academy is responsible for educating Nordic fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts, competitors, and coaches. IFBB Nordic Academy's online education courses, seminars, and workshops provide fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts, athletes, and coaches with an inspiring and meaningful way to learn about health promotion, body composition, and fitness lifestyle. All education courses are internationally recognized, and the course completion is always certified internationally