Why Fitness Sports May Be the Toughest Sports in the World


In the vast arena of sports, a category holds a singular position: fitness sports. They set themselves apart not merely due to their distinct requirements but the degree and duration of sacrifice and suffering they necessitate.

Consider the 400m race, a contest that undeniably demands a formidable pain threshold. Competing in such a race subjects your body to acute cardiovascular and metabolic stress, with every single cell crying out for relief. The agony can be so intense that it may seem akin to a near-death experience. Yet, regardless of the severity of the pain, it concludes within minutes, allowing you to return to a state devoid of suffering.

Alternatively, reflect upon endurance events, such as marathons. To succeed in such a race, athletes must become accustomed to extreme fatigue, experiencing their physiological systems operating beyond their usual homeostatic ranges. It's a rather unpleasant sensation, to say the least. Even the marathon, revered for its endurance test and the capacity to tolerate discomfort, finishes in a span of hours.

However, fitness sports call for an entirely different kind of endurance. A successful contest preparation in fitness sports might necessitate enduring weeks, or even months, of discomfort. The discomfort is not fleeting or temporary - it morphs into a daily companion. It's a process that necessitates the daily acceptance of suffering and sacrifice. You are called upon not just to face these challenges but also to incorporate them into your life without allowing them to undermine you or hinder your progress.

This exceptional requirement is what renders fitness sports unique. Participating in such sports, be it once or throughout a career, commands immense respect. If you're reading this, chances are you're a competitor or contemplating becoming one, and you have our admiration for that.

However, it's crucial to grasp that competing should not be driven solely by the desire for respect. Embarking on contest preparation can be among the most challenging, stressful, yet ultimately rewarding endeavors one can undertake. Doing it for the wrong reasons can drastically tip the cost-benefit scale against your favor. The decision should not be made lightly.

Here at the IFBB Nordic Academy, we are committed to educating both coaches and athletes via our Personal Trainer course. Our mission is to keep you abreast of the latest evidence-based practices for physique development, assisting you in navigating the realm of fitness sports with knowledge and expertise. We believe that in the world of fitness sports, it's not just about bodily strength but also mental fortitude.